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TOPS 2012 - Annual Wealth Manager Ranking

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Cover TOPs 2012 - English
Cover TOPs 2012 - English
TOPS 2012 - Annual Wealth Manager Ranking
Erschienen: Januar 2012, 35 Seiten
The financial and debt crisis on both sides of the Atlantic has left investors very uneasy. The once-spotless reputation of state bonds that were considered safe for many years has suffered considerably, the ongoing debate about the future of the Euro is causing growing insecurity, and investors are looking for orientation and seek refuge in supposedly "safe havens" such as gold or the Swiss Franc.
But is the Euro indeed in acute danger, and should investors therefore avoid Euro investments if they are EU residents? And how much of one's portfolio should consist of Swiss francs and other "safe-haven currencies"? This is exactly what our testers tried to learn from wealth managers throughout the German-speaking regions. Which of them deserves the label "Top consultant in the crisis"?

Other contents of the "FUCHSBRIEFE Annual Wealth Manager Ranking":
The forthcoming end of provision-based consulting and the consequences for investors
The wealth market: Facts and figures
100 wealth managers in the FUCHSBRIEFE test: Annual Ranking 2012
Eternal Ranking of the Best
The best consultation
The best investment strategy
Products and fees: What individual wealth management really costs
Provider portraits: A branch in flux

• The FUCHSBRIEFE TOPs 2012 "Annual Wealth Manager Ranking: TOP consultants in the crisis" is an abridged version of the German TOPs 2012 report.

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